Can Cash App Send Money to Zelle?

Cash App and Zelle are two of the best money transfer mobile apps in the world of the digital economy. The peer-to-peer transfers have been simplified with the introduction of the two apps. But a question still arises – can Cash App send money to Zelle?

You won’t be allowed to transfer money from Cash App to Zelle directly. There must be a go-between, such as a debit card or bank account, in the process of transferring money from one app to another.

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Can Cash App Send Money to Zelle?

Most users of the apps falsely think that the two apps can work together. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to transfer any funds directly from Cash App to Zelle and vice versa.

However, it is still possible to transfer the funds with the help of an intermediary. This can be a debit card or a bank account. These have to be first linked to the Cash App and then to the Zelle. Then you will be able to send money from one app to another.

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How to Link a Cash App and Your Bank Account?

Here is a step-by-step process on how to link a bank account with your Cash App. You can do this even though you don’t have a debit card linked to the account:

  • First, go to the Cash App on your phone,
  • Tap on the Profile icon,
  • Choose the option, Linked Banks,
  • You will be offered the option Link Debit Card, even though you haven’t linked a debit card click on it,
  • Then choose No Card? option,
  • Click on Continue,
  • From the list of different banks, tap on your bank,
  • Then simply follow the prompts provided on the screen and you’ve completed this step.

Now Connect Zelle to Your Bank Account

The process of connecting Zelle to your bank account is even more straightforward than linking Cash App with the bank account. What is more, there are a couple of banks that use the app as their third-party service. Here is the step-by-step guide for connecting the app and the bank account:

  • Determine whether the bank you are at supports Zelle. When Zelle is supported by a bank account, simply download the app and register. Enter your phone number, email address, and information about the debit card.
  • Next, go to the website of the bank and choose the option “Transfer and Pay,”
  • Tap on “Send money with Zelle,”
  • Check what the Terms and Conditions are before you accept them,
  • Type in your email address, bank account number, and phone number,
  • You will receive a verification code or a confirmation email.

Once you have both applications linked to the same bank account, you can transfer funds whenever you want to.

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How to Send Money From Cash App to Zelle?

Moving funds from one app to another can be done now that you have a bank account as an intermediary. First, withdraw funds from your Cash App and send them to the bank account. Then you can withdraw the funds from the bank account and transfer them to Zelle.

The transactions are not instant. The process might last a day or two until you see the money in your Zelle account.

In case you’d like to return the funds to the Cash App, the process looks the same, but you only have to transfer money from Zelle to the bank account.

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Pros and Cons of Cash App

If you still only rely on Zelle for your mobile transactions, here is a table of pros and cons that might help you decide whether installing Cash App would be beneficial as well.

Convenient way to receive and make mobile paymentsDuring the first month of use, Cash App users can only send and receive a maximum of $1,000
Selling and buying Bitcoin is allowedFDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Company) coverage is not offered to Cash App users
There are no commission charges if you decide to invest in stocksYou transfer money internationallyPros
You can order a debit card that can be used at ATMs across the United States
Reimbursements are simplified
You can participate in Cash App contests and get free money
You are allowed to borrow money from Cash App
You can use Cash App without Cash Card

Pros and Cons of Zelle

If you are a Cash App user, and you are not certain whether Zelle is a good platform for online payments check out the table below where you can read all about the disadvantages and advantages of the app.

You will enjoy instant transactionsThe application is only available on tablets and smartphones
Receiving and sending funds is free of chargeSending funds to international banks is not allowed. It can only work with USA banks
Numerous bank applications offer Zelle as wellUsers cannot connect their credit card and pay other individuals
Apart from phone numbers and email, nothing else is needed to send someone else moneyThere is no protection program for purchases.  You won’t receive any protection when making payments
Digital wallets or escrow services are not needed since the transactions end up immediately in the recipient’s bank accountThe payments cannot be canceled

Now You Can Send Money From Cash App to Zelle Easily

With these instructions on how to connect the bank account and then transfer the funds from one platform to the other, you won’t have any problems. Bear in mind that the two apps, unfortunately, cannot work together. But, an intermediary makes it possible to connect two platforms. Before you connect Zelle with the bank account, you should check whether your bank supports the application. The entire process is straightforward when the account is connected to both applications. However, if you still don’t use both platforms, check the pros and cons list so you can make a decision.