Can I Use My EDD Card on Venmo?

The Employment Development Department of California has various help and benefits programs for people who are seeking jobs, and these benefits are delivered through an EDD card. Let’s find out can you connect EDD Card to Venmo. 

Can you use your EDD card on Venmo? You can use your EDD card on Venmo. Your card will be linked to your Venmo account and can be used as a funding source for payments.

You can transfer money from and on to your EDD account freely to any app or account. Just make sure that the app supports prepaid funds because some of them, like Cash App, don’t have this option.

Also, Venmo may prevent linking the EDD card to your account if the EDD card is not in your name.  

You Can Link Your EDD Card to Venmo 

As we mentioned, an EDD card is in fact debit card, and you can use it like any other card to make payments and other transactions. It is also a prepaid card that the Bank of America (BofA) issues to the beneficiaries and sends them funds on that card. Venmo accepts EDD cards to be used as any other debit card on the app. 

How to Link Edd Card to Venmo – Step by Step Guide

If you are already a user of the Venmo app, you probably know that adding a card to your Venmo account is a pretty straightforward and easy thing to do. But if you are a new user of the app, here is a step-by-step guide on how to link EDD or any other card to your Venmo account: 

  • Step 1 – Go to your Venmo account and click on the “Edit payment methods” tab,
  • Step 2 – Click on Add Debit or Credit Card,
  • Step 3 –  Input card information from your EDD card,
  • Step 4 – click on “add card” and you are done.

How Can I Transfer Money From My EDD Card?

There are several ways you can cash out money from your EDD card or your account. The EDD card is like any other card, and you can use it in store for regular payments, or you can send money from it to another bank account or mobile wallet. You will need to contact the Bank of America online and request for direct bank deposit setup. Once they finish the direct deposit process, you will be able to transfer funds from your bank account. You can also download a BofA Prepaid Mobile app and create an online account for your EDD card. Here is where you can use EDD card. 

ATMsYou can withdraw cash on all ATMs 
Everywhere where Visa is accepted Stores,  online, and by phone
Direct deposit You can deposit money to your bank account or savings
Financial institutionsYou can transfer money to financial institutions

How Can I Transfer Money From My EDD Card to Venmo? 

Once you have linked your EDD card with Venmo and set up an online account, you will be able to transfer money to wherever you want. You will have to first transfer funds to your bank account and then transfer funds from that bank account to Venmo.  

Can I Transfer Funds From Venmo to My EDD Card? 

Venmo can be linked to multiple cards. It accepts prepaid or gift cards if they are from MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. So if you have cards from any of those brands, you can link them to your Venmo account. However, if the transaction fails, you should contact the Bank of America to ask why the transaction is declined. 

Can I Add EDD to Cash App? 

If you are a user of the Cash App and wonder can you add an EDD card to this app, the answer is no. The Cash App doesn’t support the linking of prepaid cards to the account. However, you can link the Cash App to your Venmo account and try to transfer money this way. Either way, if you have any issues with your EDD card, you should first contact the Bank Of America. They can even allow you to cash out money from your account without your EDD card if you have any emergencies and need money right away. 

Is the Process of Getting EDD Long? 

The process of getting the EDD card is pretty simple. Once you are approved to receive the benefits, the card should come to your address within the first week of your benefits payments.

And even though the EDD approves all the payments you made with the card, make sure to read all the instructions and information you will get with your card.

This way, you will prevent any restrictions or transfer bans. Nevertheless, if you need to receive these benefits, you can apply for a card online, and from that point, the Bank of America will contact you for further information.

Also, once you receive your EDD card, you will have to submit a certification of your unemployment status every two weeks.