Can Walmart Load My Chime Card?

Chime is incredible for mobile banking, and the credit and debit cards that users receive can help you manage your finances even better. One can send money to others and save money with ease. However, many users don’t know where they can load their Chime Cards. Find out in our article the answer to the question – can Walmart load my Chime Card?

Yes, Chime users can load their cards at Walmart. It is one of the most popular places where individuals reload their cards because there are many stores available in numerous locations.

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Can Walmart Load My Chime Card?

Walmart offers Chime card users to reload their cards at their stores across the USA. If you want to quickly load your card, all that is required is finding the one near your location. One can do this with the help of a Walmart store finder. Of course, you should go while they are open. Find the register, where you can hand over your card and reload it. Hand over the money that is required for reloading the card as well.

Bear in mind that some Walmart stores can charge a fee. Also, the situation is the same as in Walgreens – the funds should appear in your account in two hours. When the money enters the account, you will be free to shop with your Chime card.

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Where Can Chime Users Load Their Cards?

All Chime users can reload their cards with Chime deposit partners. There are approximately 90,000 store locations scattered around the globe. Stores such as Walgreens, Walmarts, and CVS are among some of the most popular locations where cards can be reloaded.

The most important thing to remember is that users are not allowed to load the cards at ATMs. Everyone is obliged to go to particular locations and hand the cards over to deposit partners. When the process is completed, users can freely purchase at locations where card payments are accepted.

What Companies Are Considered Chime Deposit Partners?

Apart from the most popular deposit partners, there are others less familiar to a lot of people that can provide Chime users with the same services. The partners have locations all over the world, so reloading Chime Cards is easy and effortless. The deposit partners are:

  • Dollar General,
  • Kwik Trip Inc,
  • Royal Farms,
  • Speedway,
  • 7-Eleven,
  • Family Dollar,
  • Krause Gentle (Kum & Go),
  • Pilot Travel Centers,
  • Duane Reade,
  • Holiday Station Stores,
  • Cumberland Farms Corp.

How Much Money Can You Load on Your Card?

There are certain limits when it comes to loading a Chime debit card. One should know that every day one can only deposit up to $1,000 into the account, which can be later spent using the card. In one day, one is allowed to make only three deposits.

What is more, there is a limit to how much you can load on your card every month. Chime users are permitted to load up to $10,000 each month. Therefore, the users cannot load $1,000 per day since it would exceed the maximum limit for one month.

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How Should You Load a Chime Card?

When you find the location you want to load your Chime card, we advise that you first settle all the fees that are required. Once you get everything in order, you can follow our step-by-step guide.

Step 1Find a Chime deposit partner’s location and go there.
Step 2Go to the cash counter and find a cashier that can load your card.
Step 3Give the cashier your Chime card.
Step 4Pay the amount of money that you want to deposit into your account. Most locations require you to pay in cash.
Step 5Once the cashier swipes the card, the amount of money you paid will enter the account.
Step 6Take the Chime card and make purchases freely.

How Should You Load the Card Through Your Bank?

Are you looking for a more hassle-free way to load your card? Luckily, there are many major banks that can provide you with this service. Making a transfer is smooth if the Chime users have an account at certain banks such as:

  • Wells Fargo,
  • PNC Bank,
  • Fidelity,
  • Citibank,
  • SunTrust,
  • USAA,
  • TD Bank,
  • Capital One,
  • Navy Federal.

The process isn’t complex, and one is allowed to make the transaction online. The only thing that is required is logging into the Chime account on the mobile application and selecting the option “Transfers” or “Move Money.” The user will have to enter a username and the correct password for the bank account. Then, you will be able to make transfers to your card through the bank.

Additionally, there are other rules for transfer limits. Bear in mind that each day one can load up to $10,000 using this method, and every month $25,000.

But, there is a slight drawback with this method since the money will take a bit longer to enter the account. When the users load the card at a deposit partner location, the money is loaded instantly onto the account. On the other hand, when the transfer is made through the bank, it can take up to 5 days for the money to appear in the account.

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Can You Overdraft the Chime Debit Card and Avoid Loading It?

If you are searching for a method for how you can avoid loading the card and still spend money, you should know that there is a way to overdraft a debit Chime card. The company allows its users to spend a few extra dollars, but they need to use the SpotMe feature, which is designed for borrowing money from Chime. There is a limit to how much the card can be overdraft which usually begins at $20, and the amount can later grow to $200. However, it’s best to load the card before using it in order to keep your finances in check.

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Head to the Local Walmart and Load Your Chime Card Effortlessly

Since Walmart is one of Chime’s deposit partners, you can freely go to the store and ask the cashier to load your card. Don’t forget to check whether the store requires you to pay some fees. The amount of money you pay at the store will be loaded into the account immediately. In case other deposit partners such as Walgreens, 7-Eleven, and Family Dollar are closer to you, you can add money to the card there. But remember that bank transfers are possible as well, and one can do everything from the comfort of their own home.