Can You Transfer Money From Apple Pay To Cash App?

Every year money transactions grow in value since applications such as Apple Pay and Cash App have made it easier to send and receive funds. It has been estimated that in 2023 the value will increase to 143.1 million dollars in the USA alone. Many users would like to know – can you transfer money from Apple Pay to Cash App?

Yes, money can be sent from Apple Pay to Cash App, but you won’t be allowed to do it directly. One must first transfer money from Apple Pay to a bank account and only then send it from the bank account to the Cash App’s wallet.

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Can You Send Money From Apple Pay To Cash App?

Just like users cannot directly send money from Cash App to PayPal, the same applies to Apple Pay. Even though it isn’t possible to do it directly, you can still transfer your funds from one application to the other in another way. All you need is a bank account that will serve as an intermediary.

The reason why it is required to do it by using a bank account is the fact that Apple Pay has not yet allowed users to link their bank account in order to send money. Once you first send the funds to the account, transferring to the Cash App’s wallet can be done easily.

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How Should One Send Money From Apple Pay To The Bank Account?

Follow our instructions in the table below so that you can transfer money successfully. Still, remember it will take approximately one to three work days before the transfer is completed. Here are the steps one needs to abide by.

Step 1Go to the Apple Wallet app on your phone. Select the Apple Cash card option and click on the “+” sign.
Step 2Find the option “Transfer to Bank” and click on it.
Step 3Enter the desired amount, and tap on the option “Next”
Step 4You will be able to choose the speed of the transfer. One can make sure that the money gets sent in one to three business days by choosing the option “Instant Transfer.”
Step 5The final step is to verify your transaction using Touch ID, Passcode, or Face ID.

How To Transfer Funds From The Bank Account To Your Cash App?

Similarly to Zelle to Cash App transfers, when the user has correctly transferred the funds from Apple Pay to the bank account, funds can be sent to the Cash App. Follow our simple instructions in the table below.

Step 1Go to the Cash App on the smartphone and select a Banking tab that should appear on the home screen.
Step 2Select the option “Add Cash”
Step 3Decide how much you want to add from your bank account.
Step 4Click on the option “Add”
Step 5Finally, confirm the transaction by entering your PIN or using Touch ID.

Can You Link Apple Pay To Cash App?

There is just one way one can accomplish linking Apple Pay to Cash App by using the Cash Card – a debit card that is linked to the user’s Cash App. This Card can be used at ATMs, andyou can link it to other payment options. Here is the process of linking the Apple Pay application to the Cash Card:

  • Select the Cash App on an iPad or iPhone.
  • Select the option “Cash Card” on the home screen.
  • Tap on the button “Add to Apple Pay.”
  • Directions for financial linking, as well as the verification process, will appear on the screen. Carefully follow each step.
  • You will get confirmation on your Apple Pay that the Cash Card has been successfully added.
  • The last tap is to tap “Done.”

How Similar Are The Two Applications?

Using Apple Pay and Cash App to your advantage is possible if you know all the ins and outs of the two applications. One should definitely explore all the possibilities of easily transferring funds with them. When it comes to their similarities, it’s crucial to know that both apps work on iPhones, iPads, and SaaS platforms. Also, they permit the user to take videos and screenshots. Finally, they feature the same options, such as contactless payments, ACH support, P2P payments, and debit/credit card support.

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How Different Are Apple Pay And Cash App?

Even though they are quite similar, the two applications still vary in some instances. For example, Apple Pay can be used on a Mac, but Cash App cannot; instead, it works on Androids, unlike Apple Pay. Cash App is focused on providing users with the option to send and receive money, while Apple Pay should be used for purchasing with their Apple-only payment services.

What is more, unlike Apple Pay, Cash App offers its users online help. Other than this, by offering brokers and cryptocurrency exchanges, the application sets itself apart. But, Apple Pay strives to make its services more useful for businesses, so it provides POS systems (point of sale systems). It doesn’t accept cryptocurrency mobile payments like Cash App.

All in all, choosing between the two applications is manageable by knowing what your preferences and intentions with the mobile payment applications are. Choose the one that you can benefit the most from.

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Use Our Guide And Send Money To Cash App’s Wallet Easily

Since one cannot send funds directly from one application to the other, it’s useful to know how to do it with the help of your bank account. First, follow our instructions on transferring funds from Apple Pay to the bank account, and ensure that you get the money from the account to the Cash App’s wallet. One can do that by only using the Cash App.

In case you are interested in linking your Apple Pay and Cash App, it is possible to accomplish this via the Cash Card. You can use both applications for money transactions or choose one that has all the features that you require.