Can You Transfer Money From Chime To Chime?

Chime is a mobile banking app that offers different features to users, such as no-fee checking and savings accounts, free ATM withdrawals, and more. You can also connect Chime to your other bank accounts to seamlessly manage your money. But what happens if you want to send money from one Chime account to another? Can you do that? And how does it work? Keep reading for all the details.

Can you transfer money from Chime to Chime? You can transfer money from Chime to Chime using the “Friends” tab on the home screen of the Chime app. This option allows you to easily send and receive money with friends and family without having to share your personal banking information.

Check this post to find out how long it takes for a Chime to Chime transfer.

Transferring Money From Chime To Chime

For all practical purposes, you can manage your Chime Account via the Chime app. This is a fundamental feature that enables transactions between two chime accounts. 

Each Chime user is assigned a unique ID that looks like $ChimeSign. When Chime to Chime Transfer occurs, funds are transferred between these two IDs. The procedure is quite straightforward and similar to that for other modes of transfer. 

The option is available in the Chime app’s “Friends” tab. 

  • Using $ChimeSign, locate the recipient. Alternatively, you can conduct a search for the intended recipient via phone or email. 
  • Enter the amount requested by your friend and the reason for the transfer. 
  • Tap “Confirm” after entering the amount and recipient. 
  • To send the funds, select “Pay now.” 

Transferring funds from one Chime account to another is instantaneous, and confirmation is immediately received. This confirmation is saved in the Chime app’s transaction history. You can also view it at a later time.

Chime To Chime Transfer Limit

A Chime user can send money to any number of friends who also have a Chime account via the app’s “Pay Friends” feature. Chime has set a monthly cap of $2,000 on such Chime to Chime transfers.

Send Money to Anyone With Chime

Sending money to non-Chime friends follows the same procedure as the Chime to Chime transfer discussed previously in this post. Instead of using $ChimeSign, the user must specify the recipient’s contact phone number or email address. 

In this case, the process takes longer because the recipient is not on the same system as the sender and the transfer must go through the centralized clearing process. 

Under “Pay Friends,” the procedure for sending money to non-Chime users is also detailed. 

• Contact the recipient via phone or email. 

• Enter the amount to be sent. You must specify the reason for the money transfer. 

• Tap “Confirm” after entering the amount and recipient. 

• To send the funds, select “Pay now.” 

Control now passes to the recipient, who must complete the process by claiming the transferred funds for final posting to the account. At this point in the process, the non-Chime user will receive a text message from Chime containing information required to complete the transaction. 

After the recipient provides the requested information, the funds are immediately posted to the recipient’s account. After the transfer has been made to your friend, it will be marked as complete in your transaction history. 

You must inform your friend to submit the claim within two weeks of the transfer activity or it will expire.

Transfer Money from Chime to Someone’s Bank  Account

No, Chime does not allow users to transfer money from their account to the bank account of another person.

However, as previously discussed, you can accomplish this indirectly by transferring money to a non-chime friend.

After a user initiates a transfer, it is up to the recipient friend to claim the funds in her bank account or through another source.


Here is a video about transferring money from Chime to Chime:


How long does it take to transfer money from Chime to Chime?

Due to the fact that two Chime accounts are connected to the same system, money transfers to another Chime member are immediate. The recipient’s account is immediately updated with the transferred amount. 

The process must be used with caution, as there is no reversal mechanism in place to recover funds transferred inadvertently. As a result, you must exercise caution when selecting the friend to whom you wish to send money.

Is There Any Fee for Transferring Money From Chime To Chime?

No, there are no fees associated with a transfer between two chime accounts. 

Chime asserts that they do not impose any unnecessary fees on their customers, many of whom are already experiencing financial hardship. You do not have to pay anything to join. Chime does not charge for any services, overdrafts, minimum balance requirements, transactions, or card replacement. Thus, there is essentially no fee when using Chime. 

They charge only when making an ATM withdrawal, not when using the Chime network or third-party services.

Can I Transfer Money to Someone Who is Not on Chime?

Yes, money can be sent to anyone who is not a Chime member. Chime enables you to conduct financial transactions with anyone you wish to. This is accomplished by selecting “Pay Friends” and entering the contact phone number or email address of a non-Chime friend in need.

Can I load someone’s Chime card?

Yes, you can loaded someone’s Chime card as long as the person has given you their express permission to do so.

There are a few different ways to load money onto a Chime card, including direct deposit, which is the most common method. You can also use a bank transfer or mobile check deposit.

To load money onto someone else’s Chime card, you will need to have their account number and routing number.

Alternatively, you can visit a participating retailer and ask them to load money onto their Chime card. Keep in mind that there may be a limit to how much money you can add at once, and that funds will be available for use immediately after they’re added.