Can’t Open A Chime Account?

Are you having difficulties opening a Chime account? There are various reasons why Chime might deny your application. Find out in our blog what happens when you can’t open a Chime account and what needs to be done in this situation.

The main reasons why individuals struggle when opening a Chime account is because their SSN cannot be verified, their personal information cannot be verified or they don’t have a good credit score.

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Here’s Why You Can’t Open A Chime Account

Opening a Chime account is an easy and straightforward process. However, many individuals might run into difficulties if they don’t comply with all the Chime rules and regulations. Most people who get denied opening an account are underage or foreigners. Some struggle to get their SSN verified or they don’t have a reliable and high credit score. The smallest percentage of people get rejected because their third-party verification didn’t go through.

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Problems With SSN Verification

Every person is obliged to enter the right SSN so as to continue with the process of opening a Chime account. One can get easily denied to proceed in case the SSN is incorrect or fake.

Bear in mind that it is impossible to create an account and use the Chime card if you type in a manually generated SSN. It’s not permitted to use third-party websites in order to generate the Social Security number. We recommend not using a manually generated SSN since fake ones can get you banned from using certain applications.

Incorrect Personal Information

Certain people struggle with creating a Chime account just because they entered incorrect personal information. During the application process, you will be required to provide your address, name, and other personal details. One needs to make sure to enter the correct official addresses and names. In case Chime finds discrepancies or mistakes, you’ll get rejected. Also, without an account, you won’t get a chance to use the Chime SpotMe feature.

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Issues With Third Party Verification

The company must first verify the accuracy of the applicant’s personal information. This can be successfully accomplished through a third-party source. If the personal details don’t get verified, Chime will reject the application. Every user will need to correctly type all the personal information. Here are some additional tips one can use to ensure that the verification doesn’t fail:

  • Submit your photo ID if it’s specified in the application,
  • Identification forms you can submit are a US driver’s license, US state ID, US passport, or US passport card,
  • Don’t apply in case you already have a Chime account,
  • Use well-lit and clear photographs,
  • Don’t close the page before finishing the enrollment process.

Unsatisfactory Credit Score

A major setback when opening a Chime account is a poor credit score. The company performs credit checks for brand-new users. Users with low credit scores can get easily rejected and lose the opportunity to add money to Chime. Therefore, every potential applicant should review their credit score and see whether they are eligible for an account. We recommend building a good credit score from the start by paying bills on time, planning purchases in advance, and paying off debts.

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You Are Underage Or Aren’t US Citizen

Applicant who is unable to provide proof of US residency won’t be accepted and the application will be rejected. The same applies to users who are underage. All users must be 18 or older to get a Chime checking account. Minors are forbidden from having any type of account in the US. Therefore if you are a foreigner or a minor you won’t be allowed to open a Chime checking account.

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What To Do If Chime Rejects Your Application?

When you know what problems might arise during the application process, you can do everything to avoid them successfully. It is possible to fix some issues with the application, so have a look at our chart with tips that will help you during the process.

Tip 1 – Close your former Chime accountIf you can’t figure out why Chime keeps rejecting your application, you might have another account with the same personal information and Social Security number. Don’t proceed with opening a new account before you’ve closed the previous one.
Tip 2 – Rebuild your credit scorePoor credit scores are a red flag for Chime. Don’t apply if you have a low credit score. It’s possible to have an average credit score if you don’t delay bill payments, use a cash-backed credit card, pay off your debts, or get a co-signer for a loan or a credit card.
Tip 3 – Ask for a rejection noticeWhen you try to open an account and it fails, you should request a rejection notice from Chime. In this way, you can find out the specific reason why your application failed and what you can fix.
Tip 4 – Call Chime supportWhen you correct all of your mistakes and the Chime still rejects your application, call the customer support service and ask for additional information. You can reach them at the number – 844-244-6363

Open An Account With Another Bank

In case the applicant has followed every rule in the book, but Chime Bank still has issues with the application and personal information, the best thing to do would be to search for an alternative. Other banks can provide you with similar financial benefits. Some of the possible bank alternatives are Varo, Current, One Finance, Discover, and Ally Bank. The applications that are similar to Chime are Cash App, GO2Bank, WIse, and Varo. Choose the one that is the most suitable for you.

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Can’t Open An Account – Use Our Solutions To Apply Again

When Chime doesn’t allow you to open an account, try to consider what mistakes you’ve made and how you can fix them. The majority of issues arise with underage applicants, foreigners, or those who use a fake SSN. In case you don’t fall into this category, make sure that your third-party verification didn’t fall through or that your credit score is high enough. If you keep getting rejected, call their support service or request a rejection notice. Chime agents will most likely solve all the issues and you will be allowed to open an account with ease.