Does Webull Have DRIP?

Long-term investing in big companies to earn passive income from dividends is something many investors choose to do. And if you are trading on Webull, you probably want to know does Webull have DRIP. Find out more about your dividends trading and the options you have on Webull.

So does Webull offer DRIP? Webull does not offer DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment Plan) at this time. Since Webull does not currently offer a DRIP program, you will need to manually reinvest your dividends into more shares yourself.

Even though there is no automated Dividend Reinvestment Program or DRIP on Webull, this doesn’t mean you can not reinvest dividends in other stocks or ETFs. Find out how dividend reinvesting works on Webull.

How Are Dividends Paid on Webull?

Dividend stocks are stocks from big companies that have grown so much that they no longer need to reinvest all profits back into the corporation. Instead, those savings are passed along to the investors – this is called dividends.

The dividends amount is determined by a certain percentage of a dollar amount multiplied by the number of shares you have in that company. Usually, this amount is 2%.   

Does Webull Pay Dividends?

Webull is a brokerage platform and app that allows you to trade commission-free stocks, ETFs, crypto, and other options. On Webull, you can find dividend stocks and invest in them. And once the date of dividends payment is set, you will receive funds on your account. You can withdraw these funds or use them to invest in other stocks. And even though Webull doesn’t have DRIP, they are thinking about making this option available in the future. 

How to Check Your Dividends on Webull? 

To be a dividend investor, the good timing of investing is the key. In order to receive dividends, you must purchase US stock before its ex-dividend date. What is the ex-dividend date? It is a set date for trading which means you need to purchase your stocks before this day arrives. For example, if the ex-dividend date is set to be on Monday, in order to receive a dividend, you need to buy your stocks on Friday. Once your dividend is paid, you can easily find it on the Webull app or web platform. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to find it.

Step 1Click on Homepage
Step 2Click on “History” button 
Step 3Change the record button to “Dividends Records”

Can You Set Up a DRIP on Webull?

Still, you may wonder does Webull reinvest dividends. As we already answered, Webull doesn’t have an automated Dividend Reinvestment Program.

But what does DRIP allow you to do?  This program allows investors to reinvest their dividends into new stocks or fractional shares on the dividend payment date. That is done automatically, and dividends are usually reinvested directly into company shares allowing investors to accumulate more shares over time.

These shares usually come from the company’s own reserve, and they are not available on the market exchange. Also, DRIP transactions are usually commission-free. 

What Can You Do With Your Dividends on Webull? 

So the question remains, what can you do with your dividends on Webull when the platform doesn’t allow DRIP?

Well, you can use that cash and invest in other stocks.

For example, Webull offers fractional shares investment, so if you don’t have enough cash to invest in the whole share, you can invest in a fraction of it. The minimal amount you can invest is $5.00. Another option is to take earned cash and spend it on something you want.

Keep in mind that Webull plans to make DRIP possible in the near future.

What Are the Best Stocks on Webull That Pay Dividends? 

As you can see, you can invest in dividend stocks on Webull, but what shares are best to purchase now? For example, many investors will advise you not to invest in companies that give a high percentage of dividends of 4% or more. They are considered riskier and not sustainable in the long run. If you are interested in long-term investments, always go with a safe choice. This way, you will receive income and be able to expand your portfolio by purchasing new shares. Here are some of the companies to consider investing in on Webull: 

  • Rio Tinto,
  • Prospect Capital Corporation,
  • Exxon Mobil,
  • Johnson & Johnson,
  • Disney.

What Are Your Other Options? Find Out Where You Can Invest in Dividends With DRIP

If you do want to invest in dividend stocks with a DRIP option, there are plenty of platforms that do allow it. For example, TD Ameritrade, Interactive Brokers, Fidelity Investments, and Robinhood are excellent user-friendly platforms that allow their investors DRIP investing. 

As you can see, there are many benefits for investors when investing with DRIP. They can expand and accumulate their shares a lot easier and without any commission. Also, since the process is automated, it doesn’t require you to do anything on a trading day. Just keep in mind that even if you don’t actually get any profit or funds, all dividends payments need to be reported to the IRS. These will be considered as earnings even though the money went straight for buying new shares.