Moomoo vs Webull: A Comprehensive Comparison

Moomoo and Webull are rivaling each other to let you trade investments on their trading platforms. But which one should you go for?

The main difference between Moomoo and Webull is that Moomoo provides access to Asian markets, while Webull is limited to US markets. Both platforms provide commission-free investments in US assets and offer good mobile app features, but Moomoo has an additional library of educational resources and paper trading features. Ultimately, one’s choice of platform depends on their investment needs and the features they are looking for.

With so many brokers offering accounts out there, choosing one could be a tricky deal. Especially, when most of their aspects like fees, mobile app features, withdrawal processes, etc are almost the same. 

Although both Moomoo and Webull are go-to choices for investors, your best option depends on your needs, skills-set, and tools that you’re looking for.

This comprehensive guide provides you with the inside scoop on both platforms so that you can pick the right online trading platform for you. 

Wait a minute, let’s get to know our star performers: Moomoo and Webull, a little better, before we dive into the comparison. Sounds good?

What is Moomoo?

Moomoo is an online trading app you can use for trading stocks, ETFs, options, and American depository receipts. It is an excellent choice for cost-conscious traders since it offers features like commission-free trades, Free real-time market data, minimum balance, and more. 

Moomoo is a US-based zero-commission broker that offers mobile and desktop platforms for trading on the stock and crypto markets. Both platforms provide you with convenient tools that help you research and examine potential trades, including real-time financial market data, insightful charts, and personalized alerts. 

If you’re a learner, you might enjoy the education section of Moomoo. It offers a library of trending trading information and financial suggestions. 

Paper trading is another cool feature of this app. It helps you put your trading knowledge into practice by allowing you to apply pretend strategies and derive results without investing real money.

Moomoo sounds cool so far. Let’s explore Webull now. Shall we?

What is Webull?

Webull is another online trading platform that allows you to trade and invest in options, ETFs, ADRs, and stocks. You can also use this platform for crypto trading.

You can choose from a variety of account options in Webull, including IRAs, margin trading accounts, and traditional brokerage accounts. The platform allows you to trade ETFs, U.S. stocks, and options during extended trading hours. 

The best part of Webull is that it provides deep insights into real-time market analysis from multiple sources. It can be used as an exceptional guide by active and advanced traders. Now that’s not a moo point. 

Webull’s advanced charting tools, customization features, exhaustive market view, etc make it an exceptional platform for active investors and help them manage their portfolios effectively.

Webull does not have an education corner like Moomoo. However, It has a paper trading feature that allows users to practice trading strategies without investing any real money. 

Moomoo Vs Webull 

Moomoo and Webull look quite similar from a bird’s eye view. Let’s place them side by side and observe the real differences.

Moomoo Webull
Minimum Deposit$0$0
Asset ClassesStocksOptionsETFsADRsStocksOptionsETFsADRsCryptocurrency
Fee SummaryLow trading and non-trading feesCommission-free stock and ETF tradingLow non-trading fees
Distinctive FeaturesCommission-free trading in stocks, ETFs, and ADRsExtended hours trading accessibility Features real-time data from financial marketsPersonalized interface Margin trading interest starting at 2.5%Commission-free trading in stocks, options, and futures Future trading accessibilityFeatures advanced charting tools and indicatorsOffers social trading features Supports after-hours trading between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm EST
Best ForBeginner and intermediate investors People looking for easy-to-use platforms Active traders looking for advanced charting toolsPeople looking for investing in cryptocurrencies

Let’s now delve deeper into the Moomoo-Webull comparison 

Moomoo Vs Webull: Fee Comparison

Moomoo charges no commission fee for the purchase and sale of ADRs (American Depository Receipts) and US Stocks. Rest assured about account maintenance and platform fees as well, since Moomoo charges $0 for these services. Also, You pay $0 commissions for options trades on this platform.

However, you will need to pay commissions while purchasing stocks on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and China-A shares via Moomoo. Note that, Webull does not offer you the ability to purchase stocks on these two stock exchanges. 

As for Webull, it only allows access to US markets like the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ. So people who want to invest in Asian markets are at a disadvantage because of the limited market access at Webull. 

Moomoo Webull
Moomoo charges $0 for ETF and Stock trades. Webull also charges $0 for ETF and stock trades.
Here, Option trading charges are at $0.50 per contract.Here, Option trading charges are at $0.65 per contract.
Moomoo charges a $75 fee for account transfer out.Webull does not charge any amount for account transfer out.

Moomoo Vs Webull: Mobile App Features 

  • Both Moomoo and Webull offer Apple and Android free mobile and tablet app services
  • Both platforms have almost the same user interface. They both incorporate features like charting and analysis tools. 

Moomoo and Webull, both offer good mobile app features, given that they both mimic each other’s desktop functionality. Besides a few different tools, the apps of both platforms are quite similar and offer ease of use. So, that’s a tie between the two.

The Bottom Line  

Your choice between Moomoo and Webull depends on a variety of factors including your investment needs, the stock exchanges you wish to invest in, your choice of financial assets, etc 

For instance, If you wish to invest in Asian markets, Moomoo would be the right fit for you. But if you are planning to invest in US markets, then you can go with Webull. 

Ultimately, your choice of online trading platforms depends on how you want to leverage the platforms’ features like user interface, market data, research tools, and other factors.